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Any Frazzled Moms Out There...?

No...that is not a picture of me.  But I was hoping to get your attention. Because we can all relate...right?  Being a mom is like running a three-ring circus on most days! And it's actually amazing that we aren't bald from pulling our hair.

Well...I'm here.  I'm here to take away some of those "must do " details that seem overwhelming. 

I'm an EVENT PLANNER.  Believe me-I've had MANY people look at me sideways when I tell them that! Sometimes it's hard for people to believe that I LOVE to-do lists! I also love details and being organized, and planning, and using every creative bone in my body!  My husband does make fun of me from time to time...but hey...our kids have had some pretty killer birthday parties!  My business, STYLED4BLISS (named after my passion for bringing bliss to all things that I style), offers a wide range of designing, planning, and coordinating services for ALL events-big or small. Be sure to read to the end to find a more detailed list of my services.

I'm here today to let you know that I can help YOU. We're heading into the holidays and we all know what that means...expectations of beautiful family dinner tablescapes, assembling that perfect gift basket for not one, two, but three of your kids' teachers! Or what about that holiday party that the neighbors have been begging you to host? Or maybe your sister is turning 40 just ten days before Christmas and you're the only one she wants to host a party?!

My point is, there's a lot going on.  And trying to throw together that Thanksgiving centerpiece that you found on Pinterest isn't gonna happen. BUT...I can make it happen for you! Remember, I LOVE details and getting things done! So, look ahead at your upcoming weeks.  I'm sure you'll find something you wouldn't mind taking off your plate and handing over to me.

In the meantime, please check out my website to learn a little more about me. You can sign up for updates from me, read the kind words that others have shared after working with me, and we can schedule a free consultation over a cup of coffee (or wine!).  NO MORE pulling out your hair!  Life is full of moments that are meant to be celebrated.  Let me help you be a guest at that celebration!


-Vendor & Venue Research and Coordination -Custom Event Theme Planning -Decor Design -Full Service Day of Coordination -Free on me!


-Weddings -Bridal Showers -Rehearsal Dinners -Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties -Baby Showers -Anniversary Parties -Birthday Parties -Graduation Parties -Cocktail Parties -Bar/Bat Mitzvahs -Retirement Parties -Holiday Parties -Themed Parties -Corporate Events


-Dinner table set-up -Centerpiece creation - Party favors -Invitations -Teacher/Friend/Family Gift baskets -College student care packages

I'd love to chat about any other ideas you have!


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