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Custom Services

Working together to customize your event vision is what we do best. Whether you need one service, a combination of services or full event production, we can bring your event vision to life.

Event Design & Planning


Styled4bliss will keep your overall event vision in mind while providing you with design options that best fit your needs and wishes. our attention to detail and passion for bringing a creative touch to all events will save you the time and stress of handling all of the details for your important event. You will receive a detailed blueprint for your occasion so that all you have to do is implement the plan. 

Venue & Vendor Coordination


Styled4bliss has an extensive list of venues and vendors that we can suggest as a perfect fit for your event. Our established relationships with these venues and vendors will also ensure a high level of satisfaction and will often include a vendor discount that will be passed along to you. Allowing Styled4Bliss to coordinate all the venue and vendor details will save you valuable time.

Day-of Coordination


this service will allow you to be very hands-on during the event planning process and then hand over the details to Styled4Bliss to coordinate on the day of your important event. we will arrive early for event set-up and preparation before your guests arrive and then orchestrate all of the pre-planned details during the event. Day-of coordination services are both a life saver and the BEST gift you can give yourself. all you have to do is show up and enjoy the event with your guests. 


event design & planning


venue & vendor coordination


day-of coordination


Full Event Production

Full event production handles it all from start to finish. This includes designing and executing the overall event vision and blueprint, hiring and meeting with venues and vendors and then bringing the plans to life on the big day.

This service is TRULY a peace of mind for you!

Whether you want to hand over all details and planning to us, or choose the custom services that best fit your needs, Styled4Bliss will help you bring your event vision to life!

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Learn how Styled4Bliss can bring your event vision to life!

still have questions before booking?

see some common questions and answers below.

Common Questions Compressed.jpg

Common Questions

on how to use an event planner

What if I still want to be involved in the planning?

Be involved...but only with the fun stuff! don't stress over all the little mundane details like pricing out tent rentals and florals. it can be difficult and time consuming to follow-up with vendors, schedule deliveries and oversee event set-up and teardown. You can decide how involved you would like to be.

What if I have a specific event vision?

this is a perfect reason to have a planner! A good planner will take time to understand your needs and wishes. forming this connection will enable you to hand over your vision and watch them make it happen for you.

What if the venue has a coordinator?

many venues do, but they are limited to only the logistics of the venue, as it should be. event planners and venue coordinators can work in tandem, but an event planner is essential for planning and bringing your event vision to life!

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