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That Word...

Bliss. The dictionary definition of bliss is: supreme happiness, utter joy and contentment. I've experienced moments like that in my life, like probably most everyone has. My days are filled with happy moments, provided to me by my friends, family, and doing the things I enjoy. But bliss is a level up from that. It's something that my mind and heart have quietly been reaching for, for quite some time now. When I first began thinking about taking the leap into the social media world, I thought about what words I'd like to include in my social media names. Bliss always keep coming forward. I couldn't come up with names without feeling a strong need to include that word. And now, as I take tiny steps forward each day, it's the word that gives me courage to move forward. Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of mid-life need for adjustment or maybe, like I'd rather think...I'm just coming into my own after 42 years of being on this earth. Whatever it is, it's causing me to take a leap that is both scary and exhilarating all at the same time. But I'm ready. I'm ready for the critics that will say, "that's not the Jennifer I know" or the ones that will say, "I can't see Jennifer doing that." I'm ready to be brave, to take chances, to make mistakes, to do the most uncomfortable thing... put myself out there. I'm ready because isn't life about finding your bliss? After all, it may lead to an utterly happy place that you've never been. Thanks for following this journey with me. XO

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