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A Table for the Little Turkeys...

We've all been there. We sat at the "Kids' Table" at Thanksgiving. In fact, we couldn't wait to be old enough to sit at the Grown-Up table. And now, as a grown-up, I sometimes think it would be fun to sit at the Kids table again! We all remember what it was like and now we can make that experience a fun and memorable one for out little ones.

Often we try too hard to make that Kiddie table be a smaller version of the adult table, when in fact, kids aren't impressed with the same things we are and they certainly don't have the same etiquette abilities just yet! The most important part of the meal experience is establishing traditions and making it memorable.

All of the extra special parts of the adult table can be replicated for the kids table...just in a more kid-friendly, fun way. We want to teach out children that a Thanksgiving meal is different than our weekly pizza night. So, for example, they should have napkin rings as well, but theirs can be ribbons instead of great-grandma's napkin rings that they have to be careful with. Or, set their table with plates that are not your usual family plates, but also not your precious china. Even Thanksgiving themed paper plates are perfect! Or...instead of using a linen tablecloth that is bound to get cranberry stains, line the table with brown paper and give the kids crayons to decorate it with while they eat.

Special family meals should be about creating memories and traditions different than our day-to-day meals and without the worry of anything getting broken or ruined. So...have fun with it, create a table your kids won't forget!

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