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Here to Save the Day...

Hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding day. We don't always think about all of the details that coordinators take care of (nor should you on your wedding day!) and often couples learn about the benefits of a coordinator too late!

Here are a few some ways they can be lifesaving on your BIG DAY:

1.Prior to the wedding~

*Consultations-to go through all of the plans from start to finish on the wedding day

*Create a personalized schedule for the wedding day activities that can be distributed to all of the vendors involved

*Attend your wedding rehearsal to ensure all details are covered

2.The BIG DAY~

*Confirming and communicating with all vendors involved on the day

*Overseeing decor of venue, tables, centerpieces, and all other important aesthetic details

*Making sure that all suppliers have made their deliveries and that everything is perfect

3.Making the Entrance~

*Ensuring that the guests are comfortable and assembled in the right place

*Making sure the minister and any other key people are in their places

*Assembling and cueing the bridal party for the ceremony procession

4.The Ceremony~

*Ensuring guests are comfortable and assisting with any needs they may have

*Making sure guests leave the ceremony in an orderly fashion and at the right time

*Coordinating any special elements of the ceremony (confetti, etc)

5.Time to Celebrate (the Reception)~

*Keeping an eye on decor throughout reception and making adjustments/repairs as needed

*Ensuring catering is on time and running smoothly

*Ensuring music/entertainment is on time and running smoothly

*Communicating with all vendors to make sure everything is running smoothly and on schedule

6.Just Married~

*Ensuring gifts are collected and transported to secure place

*Coordination of pack down of decor

*Distribution of vendor gratuities and final payments

*Coordinating all of the elements of your important day can be overwhelming.

It's essential to have someone managing the day and often that job is requested of a family member. This leaves that family member feeling stressed and missing out on many great moments throughout the day. You will receive more value than you could have hoped for by hiring a wedding coordinator for your important day. I like to think of it like the insurance policy for your day.

I'd be honored to offer you a free consultation to talk about your wedding day needs. Day of Coordination packages start as low as $500. That's a value that is far worth your peace of mind.


Jen xo


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