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Just Because...

Life is full of important occasions worthy of celebrating. These moments are meant to be made into long-lasting memories that we share with family and friends. We can all name the most common, significant events...birthdays, weddings, showers, graduations, retirements. But what about those moments that aren't big milestones? I think those are when some of the most blissful memories are made. Here's a list of reasons to celebrate everyday life (be sure to read to the bottom for my favorite!)...

*School's Out






*Pool party

*Cinco de Mayo

*Mardi Gras

*Fourth of July


*Wine tasting


*Cocktail party

*Decade theme


*End of sports season


*Family reunion

*College acceptance

*Receiving an award or honor

*Finishing a big project

*Checking off a bucket list dream

*A health triumph or recovery

*JUST BECAUSE...surround yourselves with family and friends you love-Just Because!


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